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Imbibe Journey

Acclaimed beverage specialist, Sandeep is a prominent face within the industry. Throughout his career, Sandeep has been part of multiple brand advocacy, beverage programs locally and internationally.


Currently, he is the Co-founder cocktail bar Tell Camellia (Asia 50 Best Bar #23) & The Wise King (Asia 50 Best Bar #28) along with Gin Festival HK, and F&B consultancy company Beverage & Co.


His passion for beverage, on top of his experience in the industry, has given him a deep understanding of the beverage world and an expert in the Hong Kong bar scene. Sandeep believes that beverages and brand partnership play a significant part in running a successful program. He has worked with various brands on activation, projects, trainings and pop-ups.

Follow Sandeep's imbibe adventures:


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